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Regenerative Farming: Cultivating a Brighter Tomorrow

Regenerative farming
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In Alvarado, Texas, I vividly recall the struggles associated with traditional farming. Our land frequently endures extreme weather conditions: intense heat, prolonged droughts, powerful thunderstorms, and bouts of heavy winds and hail.

Managing these climate challenges, along with the inherent difficulties of our region’s dense black gumbo clay soil, was a formidable task. It was particularly distressing to see the crops I had meticulously grown from seeds succumb to persistent pests and diseases each year.

Often, I’d find myself amidst my fields and under our protective high tunnels, contemplating a more effective approach.

While the common solution might involve chemical interventions for pest control and fertilization, our strong commitment to organic farming meant such methods weren’t suitable for our goals.


The Enigma of Soil Health and Regenerative Farming

Facing recurring challenges on our farm, I was left wondering:

  • “Why are these pests so drawn here?”
  • “Why do diseases seem to favor our crops time and again?”

I was determined to find answers that resonated with our commitment to organic farming, though direct solutions were hard to come by.

It was the principles of permaculture and insights from compost enthusiasts that steered me towards the promise of regenerative farming.

Squash plants are thriving


Stumbling upon regenerative farming was like piecing together a jigsaw that had baffled me for ages. Suddenly, the answers to my lingering questions started to crystallize, sparking a series of enlightening revelations.

Our real-world experiences on the farm added weight to these new discoveries.

With enthusiasm, I delved deep into the subject — scouring books, combing through articles, tuning into podcasts, and participating in webinars. My quest for knowledge was relentless.

This zeal propelled me to enroll in online courses, where I delved deeper into the nuances of regenerative farming, grasped the intricacies of redox reactions, demystified rhizophagy cycles, and appreciated the pivotal role of naturally chelated minerals for plant vitality.

It became evident: achieving pest resilience, mitigating diseases, and promoting robust plant health was rooted in fostering soil teeming with life-giving microbes.

Greg and jill in the zinnias

Embracing Regenerative Farming


By embracing regenerative practices, we’ve seen a significant improvement in our farming results. Though we haven’t completely eliminated pests and diseases, their frequency has decreased. Now, with our newfound knowledge, we address these challenges using organic approaches, such as compost teas, natural extracts, and minerals sourced directly from nature.

This experience solidified a belief within me: Food cultivated with dedication and purpose is not just nourishment; its healing properties are profound.

From this understanding, our mission emerged clear and resolute: to grow herbs and vegetables that delight the palate and are packed with nutrients. We’re devoted to promoting the health and well-being of both ourselves and our valued community.

Together at Alvarado

 A New Chapter in Farming

Now, alongside my wife Jill, we proudly operate Alvarado Community Farm in Alvarado, Texas.

Our ethos? Embracing the wonders of regenerative farming we strive to grow our herbs and vegetables for flavor, aroma and high nutrient density.

Looking ahead, we’re committed to advancing regenerative farming practices. Our aim? To protect and preserve the soil, air, and water not just for our children, but for many generations that follow.

Greg and jill

Greg and Jill LaForm

Dedicated to Regenerative Farming and Cultivating Nourishing Crops at Alvarado Community Farm

Greg and jill in the zinnias

Greg and Jill’s Journey

From Corporate Professionals to Regenerative Farmers

From a lifelong love for vegetable and herb gardening emerged our journey. As we approached retirement, it wasn’t the end of one chapter but the beginning of another vibrant one.

After dedicating three decades each to our respective professions — I in Information Technology and Jill in Procurement Management — we took a bold leap. We embraced our dream of evolving into regenerative market garden farmers.

Swapping corporate attire for farm tools, our transformation was propelled by an ambition. We wanted to elevate our joy of cultivating herbs and vegetables to a grander scale — a farm producing not just fresh produce, but also reshaping perspectives on food.

Inspiring Sustainable Practices

The Importance of Community Engagement

Our journey has filled us with insights we’re excited to share. We understand the value of community involvement and are driven to enlighten others about regenerative farming’s immense benefits.

Whether it’s through hands-on workshops, insightful farm tours, or diverse outreach initiatives, our goal is to spark a change. We want others to consider sustainable methods and rethink their bond with the food on their plates.

Our story, still being penned, remains anchored in our passion for fostering health and well-being via regenerative farming.

In our dedication to the earth, our produce, and our community, we see a beacon. We hope it lights the way for everyone, especially the younger generation, emphasizing how our food choices can significantly impact our lives and the broader world.

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Convenient Shopping Options

Shop Fresh: Online, On-Site, Curbside, and Delivered!

At Alvarado Community Farm, we’re all about making your experience both memorable and hassle-free.

Step into our on-site farmers market, and you’re in for a treat. Wander among stands of fresh, locally-grown produce, each bursting with flavor and freshness.

If you’re on-the-go, no worries! We’ve made it simple for you. Opt for online shopping, choose curbside pickup, or have your selections delivered right to your door. Either way, you’re getting top-tier, fresh-from-the-farm produce.

No matter how bustling your day, we ensure that fresh, quality produce is just a click or a short trip away.

We’re here to serve and delight, making your journey from our farm to your table as smooth and delightful as can be.

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Ultimate MISSION

At Alvarado Community Farm, our heart beats for building a thriving and sustainable community through our intimate bond with the land, fostering genuine connections, and delivering fresh, organic bounty straight from our fields.

Our commitment runs deep, advocating regenerative farming methods that champion biodiversity, invigorate the soil, and stand as a testament to eco-conscious care.

We’re not just about farming; we’re about enlightening. We engage, collaborate, and spread awareness, empowering folks to make conscious choices about their meals, their health, and the larger environment we all call home.

Join us in our vision: a harmonious community where each one can relish the delights of sustainable farming and savor the richness of local, nourishing produce.

Dive Deeper with Alvarado Community Farm

Our enthusiasm for regenerative farming and gardening is ever-growing. Browse our store, check out recipes and how-tos on our blog, and immerse yourself in our rich collection of videos on our YouTube channel, ‘North Texas Vegetable Gardening and Cooking.’

Frequently Asked Questions About Alvarado Community Farm

  1. What is regenerative farming and how is it practiced at Alvarado Community Farm?
    • Regenerative farming is a holistic approach that goes beyond organic methods, focusing on improving soil health, promoting biodiversity, and restoring ecosystems. At Alvarado Community Farm, we integrate these practices to produce crops that are not only delicious but also nurtured in an environment that’s sustainable and beneficial for the land.
  2. Why did Greg and Jill transition from corporate professionals to regenerative farmers?
    • Both Greg and Jill have always had a deep passion for vegetable and herb gardening. Upon retirement, they saw an opportunity to turn this lifelong passion into a larger purpose. They wanted to create a farm that produces wholesome produce and also redefines the way we view and relate to our food.
  3. Does Alvarado Community Farm offer any educational programs or workshops?
    • Yes, we believe in fostering a strong connection with our community. We offer educational programs, workshops, and online resources aimed at empowering individuals with knowledge about sustainable farming practices and the importance of regenerative farming.
  4. How can customers purchase produce from Alvarado Community Farm?
    • We offer a range of convenient shopping options. You can visit our on-site farmers market for a hands-on experience, or if you prefer, we also offer online shopping with curbside pickup and delivery options, ensuring you get fresh produce right to your doorstep.
  5. What drives the ethos and vision of Alvarado Community Farm?
    • Our farm is deeply rooted in the principles of regenerative farming. We are committed to nurturing the land, promoting biodiversity, and minimizing our ecological footprint. Our ultimate mission is to cultivate a sustainable and vibrant community, provide access to fresh organic produce, and champion the health and well-being of both our local environment and our community.


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