Dried Citrus Slices: Natural Flavors for Culinary Creations

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Discover Alvarado Community Farm’s Dried Citrus Slices, an exquisite mix of grapefruit, orange, lemon, and lime, perfect for culinary and decorative uses. All-natural, vibrant, and versatile, ideal for enhancing dishes, drinks, and crafts.

(3 oz. Premium Bag of Dried Citrus Slices)

Product Description:

Dried Citrus Slices: A Symphony of Natural Flavors for Diverse Culinary Creations

Experience a kaleidoscope of flavors with Alvarado Community Farm’s Dried Citrus Slices. This exceptional mix features the tang of grapefruit, the sweetness of oranges, the refreshing zest of lemons, and the sharp zing of limes. These all-natural slices are perfect for culinary enthusiasts and creative decorators, offering a vibrant and flavorful addition to your dishes and decor.

Key Features:

  • Assorted Flavors: This premium assortment includes grapefruit, orange, lemon, and lime slices, each adding its unique flavor and charm to a variety of uses.
  • Edible and Decorative Versatility: Enhance your cocktails, teas, desserts, and living spaces with these colorful and aromatic slices, suitable for both culinary and decorative applications.
  • Superior Quality: We carefully dry these citrus slices at low temperatures to lock in their natural hues, aromas, and tastes, delivering the authentic essence of each fruit.
  • Culinary and Crafting Potential: Perfect for adding a citrus twist to your recipes, creating homemade beauty products, or decorating your home and events, these slices are a testament to nature’s beauty.
  • Convenient and Durable: With a shelf life of 12 months, these dried citrus slices offer longevity and convenience. Store them in a cool, dry place for optimal preservation.

Creative Uses:

  • Craft unique scented body oils with distinct citrus fragrances.
  • Beautify homemade soaps or candles with these naturally fragrant slices.
  • Adorn cakes, drinks, or tables at special events for an extra splash of color and flavor.
  • Infuse your beverages and dishes with a natural citrus zest, elevating their taste profiles.



Alvarado Community Farm’s Dried Citrus Slices are not just a delightful product; they embody the diverse and vibrant flavors of nature. Ideal for hosts, DIY enthusiasts, or anyone seeking to infuse their life with a touch of citrus elegance. Enjoy the natural freshness, impress your guests, and explore a world of creative possibilities with these delightful slices.


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3 oz. Premium Bag of Dried Citrus Slices

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