Dill Seeds

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Grow flavorful dill effortlessly with Alvarado Community Farm’s Dill Seeds. Handpicked for quality and grown using sustainable practices, our seeds ensure a bountiful harvest. Perfect for enhancing dishes, from pickles to seafood. Join the sustainable gardening revolution with Alvarado today.

(25 premium seeds in each packet.)

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Product Description:

Experience Fresh, Homegrown Aromas with Alvarado Community Farm’s Dill Seeds

Crafted with care and commitment to the environment, our Dill Seeds promise to be a standout addition to your garden. As you explore the world of home-grown herbs, let the authentic flavors and sustainable practices of Alvarado Community Farm guide your journey.


Why Choose Alvarado’s Dill Seeds?

  • Exceptional Quality: Each seed is handpicked from our own thriving dill plants, ensuring you receive the best in quality and authenticity.
  • Sustainable Farming: We’re proud of our regenerative farming methods, which promote soil health and biodiversity. Your purchase directly supports a healthier planet!
  • Versatility in Cuisine: Dill, with its aromatic freshness, elevates a range of dishes, from tangy pickles to succulent seafood and creamy dressings.


Planting Instructions for a Bountiful Harvest:

1. Sow Generously: Plant seeds 1/4 inch deep in well-draining soil, spacing them about 18 inches apart.
2. Sunlight is Essential: Ensure your dill plants receive 6-8 hours of direct sunlight daily.
3. Regular Watering: Dill prefers evenly moist soil. Water regularly, but avoid oversaturation.
4. Harvesting Time: Once plants reach 8-10 inches tall, they’re ready! Snip fresh dill directly into your dishes and enjoy.


Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or taking your first step into herb cultivation, our seeds are designed for success. Immerse yourself in the rewards of gardening and the rich tastes of homegrown dill.

  • Join the Alvarado Community: Engage with like-minded sustainable gardeners.
  • More Than Planting: Nurturing a sustainable future.
  • Value Nature’s Gifts: Be part of a community that cherishes the environment.
  • From Seed to Plate: Embark on a hands-on culinary journey with Alvarado Community Farm.

Ready to transform your garden? Sow a seed of change with Alvarado’s regeneratively grown Dill Seeds today.

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25 premium seeds in each packet.

0.0 out of 5 stars (based on 0 reviews)
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