Brown Berry Tomato Seeds – Cherry Variety

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Explore the uniqueness of Brown Berry Tomato Seeds, ideal for adding a special touch to your garden. These heirloom, indeterminate cherry tomatoes, known for their sweet and slightly acidic flavor, grow into eye-catching earthy-brown fruits. Perfect for gardeners seeking distinctive, flavorful tomatoes for salads and fresh eating.

(25 premium seeds in each packet.)

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Product Description:

Brown Berry Tomato Seeds – Cherry Variety

Discover the unique charm of Brown Berry Tomato Seeds, an heirloom variety that adds a delightful twist to your garden. These non-GMO, open-pollinated seeds mature into indeterminate cherry tomatoes, perfect for gardeners who love experimenting with unusual tomato colors and flavors.


  • Days to Maturity: About 70 days from transplant.
  • Tomato Type: Indeterminate cherry tomato, known for continuous growth and production throughout the season.
  • Unique Appearance: Features an appealing earthy-brown skin, a rare shade among tomatoes.
  • Flavor Profile: Offers a sweet taste with a lightly acidic finish, making them a great choice for fresh eating and salads.

Growing Brown Berry Tomato Garden Seeds:

  • Start Indoors: Begin sowing indoors 7-9 weeks before your region’s last spring frost date.
  • Sowing Depth: Plant seeds about 0.25 inches deep in well-draining, fertile soil.
  • Transplanting: After hardening off, transplant outdoors with plant spacing of 24 to 36 inches.
  • Support Needed: As a vine-type plant, provide a cage or trellis for support.

Cultivation Tips:

  • Soil Preference: Prefers well-drained, loose soil with a slightly acidic pH (6.2 to 6.8).
  • Temperature and Light: Thrives in warmer conditions (70-85 F) and requires full sun exposure.
  • Watering and Fertilizing: Maintain a regular watering schedule and use a balanced fertilizer to encourage healthy growth.


  • Ready for Harvest: Typically ready to harvest in mid-summer, around 70-80 days from transplant.
  • Harvesting Method: Gently pull fruits from the vine or use gardening shears for harvesting.

Brown Berry Tomato Seeds are perfect for gardeners who appreciate the diversity of tomato varieties and enjoy adding unique flavors to their culinary creations. These tomatoes are not just a delight for the palate but also bring an unusual visual appeal to your garden.


Frequently Asked Questions About Brown Berry Tomatoes

  1. What are the brown cherry tomatoes called? The brown cherry tomatoes are commonly known as Brown Berry tomatoes. They are a unique heirloom variety distinguished by their earthy-brown skin and cherry tomato size.
  2. How tall does a brown berry tomato get? As an indeterminate variety, a Brown Berry tomato plant can grow quite tall, typically reaching heights of 72 to 96 inches. They continue to grow and produce fruit throughout the season and require support, such as a trellis or stake, due to their vine-like growth habit.
  3. Are brown berry tomatoes determinate or indeterminate? Brown Berry tomatoes are indeterminate. This means that the plants grow as vines and keep producing fruit throughout the growing season until the first frost. They require staking or caging for support due to their continuous growth and sprawling nature.
  4. What is a cherry tomato like Berry? A cherry tomato like Berry, specifically referring to the Brown Berry tomato, is a small-sized tomato variety that typically resembles the size of a marble or a golf ball. These tomatoes are known for their unique coloration and sweet, slightly acidic flavor, making them a popular choice for fresh eating, salads, and garnishing.
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25 premium seeds in each packet.

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0.0 out of 5 stars (based on 0 reviews)
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