Green Chili Powder

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Experience the authentic taste of the Southwest with Alvarado Community Farm’s Green Chili Powder, made from regeneratively grown Anaheim peppers, organic and free from chemicals and additives. Ideal for traditional recipes and innovative cooking.

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Product Description:

Green Chili Powder: Authentic Flavor from Regenerative Farming

Delve into the robust and earthy world of our Green Chili Powder, made from Anaheim Green Chili peppers, known for their rich history and mild heat. Greg and Jill at Alvarado Community Farm have expertly cultivated these peppers through regenerative farming practices, ensuring a product that’s not only flavorful but also eco-friendly.


Key Features:

  • Rich Heritage: Originating from Northern Mexico, these Mexico green chiles have been a staple in Southwestern U.S. cuisine.
  • Organically Grown: Cultivated without chemical fertilizers or pesticides, ensuring a pure, organic green chili seasoning product.
  • Versatile Culinary Use: Ideal for traditional green chili recipes and a myriad of other dishes, enhancing them with a mild yet distinct flavor.
  • Sustainable Practices: Aligning with our commitment to the environment, our farming methods prioritize soil health and biodiversity.
  • Distinctive Flavors: Our Green Chili Powder, made from Anaheim Green Chilies, offers a distinctively mild and earthy flavor profile, perfect for a variety of culinary creations. While Hatch Green Chile Powder, sourced from chilies grown in the Hatch Valley of New Mexico, is known for its unique, slightly smokier taste and can vary from mild to hot. Both powders boast their own unique flavors and heat levels, making them suitable for different types of dishes and personal preferences in spice and taste.



Our Chili Powder is more than a spice; it’s a celebration of sustainable agriculture and culinary tradition. Perfect for those who value authentic, environmentally conscious ingredients. Add a pack to your pantry for a genuine Southwestern flavor experience!


FAQs for Green Chili Powder
  1. How do they make green chili powder? Green chili powder is made by dehydrating and grinding Anaheim Green Chilies. The process involves slow drying to preserve the chilies’ natural color and flavor before they are ground into a fine powder.
  2. What is the difference between green and red chili powder? Green chili powder is made from green chilies and offers a milder, somewhat earthy flavor. In contrast, red chili powder is typically made from red chilies, offering a hotter and sometimes smokier flavor. The key difference lies in the type of chili used and the stage of ripeness when they are processed.
  3. Can you get green chili powder? Yes, green chili powder is available and is a unique product often used in Southwestern and Mexican cuisine. It can be found in specialty stores or online, and it’s also available at Alvarado Community Farm, where it’s made from organically grown Anaheim Green Chilies.
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