Buttercrunch Lettuce Seeds

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Plant Organic Buttercrunch Lettuce Seeds for a delightful gardening experience. Ideal for those seeking a sweet, buttery lettuce variety, these non-GMO, easy-to-grow seeds mature quickly into lush, flavorful leaves. Enjoy a resilient and delicious harvest perfect for creating fresh, vibrant salads.

(Approximately 500 premium seeds in each packet.)

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Product Description:

Buttercrunch Lettuce Seeds

Savor the taste of homegrown greens with our Organic Buttercrunch Lettuce Seeds, a 1963 All-America Selections winner known for its stress and heat tolerance. These non-GMO seeds are celebrated for their ability to thrive in a variety of conditions, including colder zones, and were first introduced by Cornell University in the 1960s for their outstanding qualities.


  • Days to Maturity: Ready for harvest in 60 to 70 days.
  • Flavor Profile: Leaves offer a mildly sweet, buttery taste.
  • Growth Conditions: Adaptable to most zones, including cooler climates.
  • Plant Characteristics: Vibrant green heads with a soft, buttery texture.

Growing Guide:

  • Sowing: Plant seeds 1/8 inch deep, spacing them 1 inch apart in rows 12-18 inches apart.
  • Soil and Water: Prefer moist, well-drained soil. Keep well-watered during growth.
  • Harvesting: Best harvested between 60 and 70 days, before flowering begins.

Culinary Uses:

  • Versatile for salads, it can be harvested as tender baby greens or allowed to mature for larger, firmer leaves.

Additional Information:

  • Hardiness Zones: Suitable for Zones 3-9.
  • Pest Resistance: Resistant to mosaic virus but watchful for common lettuce pests like aphids and earwigs.
  • Growth Habit: Forms a lush, mound shape, perfect for garden beds or containers.

Organic Buttercrunch Lettuce Seeds offer gardeners the joy of growing a time-tested, flavorful lettuce variety, perfect for a range of culinary uses from gourmet salads to everyday meals.


Frequently Asked Questions About Buttercrunch Lettuce

  1. How long does it take Buttercrunch lettuce to grow from seed? Buttercrunch lettuce typically takes about 60 to 70 days to grow from seed to maturity. This timeframe can vary slightly depending on growing conditions like soil quality, temperature, and sunlight.
  2. Is Buttercrunch lettuce cut and come again? Yes, Buttercrunch lettuce is suitable for the “cut and come again” method. This means you can harvest the outer leaves while allowing the inner leaves to continue growing. This harvesting technique allows for multiple yields from the same plant throughout the growing season.
  3. How many Buttercrunch lettuce seeds per hole? When planting Buttercrunch lettuce seeds, it’s generally recommended to sow 2-3 seeds per hole. Once the seedlings emerge and grow a few true leaves, thin them out to leave the strongest seedling in each spot. This ensures adequate space and nutrients for the healthiest growth.
  4. Does Buttercrunch lettuce like sun or shade? Buttercrunch lettuce prefers a balance of sun and partial shade. While it needs good sunlight for healthy growth, it also benefits from some shade, especially in hotter climates, to prevent overheating and bolting. Generally, providing a few hours of sunlight with some afternoon shade is ideal for Buttercrunch lettuce.
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Approximately 500 premium seeds in each packet.

Rated 0.0 out of 5
0.0 out of 5 stars (based on 0 reviews)
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